Our work is based on four pillars. This is an original methodology for the implementation of voice projects developed on the basis of previous implementations. 4D methodology. Discovery, Design, Development, Discoverability. 

We analyze the requirements and goals of the brand, conduct market research, and define cases of using technology by other brands in the country and abroad.
We start identifying the personas to be used in the project and define the scope of content that is required for the designed voice application. In addition, we define operational requirements (together with the IT department and business owner), as well as recommendations for promotion and discoverability mechanisms – in consultation with the communication department.
Based on the agreed conversation design, we build applications and implement them to the beta version as soon as possible. At this stage, we involve the client in testing the solution and refine the elements reported during testing. This phase ends with the implementation and certification of the voice application on platforms such as Alexa or Google Assistant.
Based on the results of the Discovery phase – we design conversations, conversation flows, solution mechanics and work with the client on the final definition of cases in which the application is used. This phase will require the client’s involvement in testing conversations to make them natural and in line with his expectations.
Even before implementation, we start working on the use of appropriate discoverability mechanisms as well as a promotion plan that we implement in parallel with the implementation and premiere of the solution for end users. During this phase, we work closely with the client to fully exploit the potential of the existing promotional channels.

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