Motivate Me

Motivate Me

There are moments when human just needs good words to start a better day or make a key decision. In cooperation with The Outcome – YouTube channel, we created a skill for Alexa with inspirational quotes by successful people.

Motivate me allows to use video and audio content. Works on devices with and without a screen. We have implemented mechanisms that remember when the user ends his interaction with Alexa. The next time when he start it, it’s proposed to resume where it left off.

We implemented the skill in February. Over 500 people used it in six months, and the statistics are growing.

What have we learned?

Motivate me was our first dedicated skill for Alex’s voice assistant. Most of the active users come from outside Poland. Our goal is to operate on the whole world  and offer our solutions on a global scale.

Or say:
Alexa, Motivate Me
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