Meet your Google Assistant

Currently, the Polish Google Assistant is available on phones with the Android and iOS operating systems. At the time of writing this guide, it is the only Polish-speaking voice assistant.

With the Google Assistant, you can use your voice to search for information on the Internet, manage smart home devices, manage your calendar, dictate messages, but that’s not all. The assistant offers more and more functions every day.
Be understanding with him, he is still learning, but he will help you in many activities now. To work!

Google Assistant on Android devices

In fact, to run Google Assistant on Android devices, you just need to hold down the home button or say “Ok Google”. However, the configuration of the assistant and the functions related to it can be done through the default installed application “Google”

Google Assistant on iOS devices

It is also possible to run the Google Assistant on smartphones with iOS. To enjoy access to the services offered by GA in Polish, you need to download the “Google Assistant” application from the AppStore. The app will guide you through all the required steps.

Now you can explore the functions of the Google Assistant. Ask him to joke or sing a song. Have fun.

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