Pytanie Dnia

Pytanie Dnia

Over the last 12 months, over 700,000 people asked the Google Assistant about the Question of the Day and on average ⅓ people return to play and learn more. Our success is obtaining 500 thousand. unique users, which motivates us to further develop the Question of the Day.

Each and everyone of us loves to answer questions asked by the game show hosts, especially in privacy of our homes. Not only having fun but also gaining new knowledge – otherwise we wouldn’t be watching these shows. Question of the day is also a great fun and opportunity to gain new knowledge, otherwise it would not have gained such trust.

After the introduction of the Google Assistant to Poland, we were thinking about bringing the concept of voice technology closer to users, and above all to show that the Google Assistant is a growing, prospective platform that uses artificial intelligence – so popular in the US.

Three of us met together and one of us proposed to create a quiz game. The rules were supposed to be (and still are!) simple: the system was to draw a question for the user from the available question pool on a daily basis, and after answering the question, the voice assistant provided full information in the form of curiosity. One question every day, one chance to answer correctly. We have implemented bonus questions that appear on certain days for all users. In this way, without any budget or external support, Question of the Day arose.

The application is based on the Dialogflow platform, which uses speech to design interactive voice assistants. It processes, understands and generates natural language. We are constantly improving the operation of the Question of the Day, so that the conversation with the assistant can proceed in the most natural way. We operate with Jovo – the most popular programming platform for voice, being its official partner by the way.

What have we learned?

The great interest in the game made us focus on the best possible optimization of the application voice interface. We also made sure that there is potential for developing the Question of the Day. We develop new questions for users on an ongoing basis. The application is a great tool that can be used in marketing campaigns, as proved by AZS UMCS, Stuposiany Forest District or GLOV chemist. The unconventional actions used in the quiz allow for a new look at the marketing strategies of companies.

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Ok Google, porozmawiaj z Pytaniem Dnia
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