Państwa i Miasta

The Countries & The Cities

Over 500,000 actions with the “The Countries & The CIties” action on the Google Assistant within the last 12 months – the result shows us how traditional game was adopted in an innovative version on the voice assistant. 18 million exchanged messages and nearly 800 thousand conversations with a voice assistant while naming places, plants or animals – it took a while but it was worth it. 

Our vision for development continues to be to engage communities in interaction with voice assistants. Hence the idea of creating a game that would be a voice implementation of well-known and popular games, to which users would like to return. We have to admit that in Poland we are at the stage of learning how to communicate with the voice assistant, so we have concluded that the game of Countries cities can make the process more pleasant.

All we need is a Google Assistant. The system draws a category and then a letter, from which our clues are supposed to start. Each correct answer equals one point. You don’t have to count them in your memory anymore – the voice assistant will do it for you. So you can be sure you won’t miscount, you can just enjoy the game.

The game “The Countries & The CIties” action uses the Dialogflow platform and all content is processed on the basis of artificial intelligence.

What have we learned?

Users happily play remakes of their favourite games, especially those from their childhood. As utter. one, we have recognized this fact and we combine a traditional approach with the modern use of voice technology on the Google platform. We have opted for an entertainment model which is definitely different from the rest of the actions. It is unusual – unlike other applications, we can play continuously without fear of making a mistake.

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Ok Google, porozmawiaj z Państwa Miasta
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