Powrót Roberta

The return of Robert

Our team is particularly fond of car racing. We thought it would be a good idea for everyone to remember Robert Kubica’s story at the time when his great return to the racetrack was announced.

We thought and we did. We were looking for a partner with whom we would create a quiz. In cooperation with the portal powrotroberta.pl we have prepared a game, during which the voice assistant asks questions, bonus questions and tells about interesting facts about Kubica’s career.

The portal powrotroberta.pl provided a database of questions about Robert Kubica, and we started working. Our task was to develop a quiz that would easily test the knowledge and make users aware of Robert’s history in Formula 1.

The return of Robert works on the Google Assistant based on the Dialogflow platform, Google Actions and our proprietary cloud-based logic.

What have we learned?

With the introduction of the return of Robert to Assistant Google quiz, we saw that users can interact with voice technology in any form. Thanks to this experience, we have many opportunities to further develop our skills and create new voice applications so that people use their voice even better than ever before.

Or say:
Ok Google, porozmawiaj z quiz Powrót Roberta
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