HeyEdu is a platform for practical education where you define your goals and learn by talking to a Trainer. Until now, all communication between the trainer and the student was via e-mail, but our AI assistant has taken this experience to the next level.

August 30, 2023 user

The web application, created specifically for the HeyEdu platform, helps in the distribution of tasks and ongoing communication with the student. He also answers questions about worlds, paths, task content, and is happy to help solve any task if a student has a problem with it.

Key features:

  • Interactive Communication: Thanks to HeyEdu, learning becomes a conversation. Communication with the assistant takes place in the web application, eliminating the need to use traditional e-mail correspondence.
  • Support in the education process: HeyEdu’s AI assistant helps manage the entire history of a student’s education: from worlds, paths to tasks. It guides the user through the process of adding to worlds, going through the paths and giving the next tasks. It creates the structure of an effective education process.
  • Comprehensive answers and help: The AI assistant answers questions about content, learning paths, and tasks. Ready to help, supports in solving problems related to educational content.
  • Dynamic learning process: HeyEdu offers practical lessons, consisting of a minimum of theory and practical tasks. Assistant verifies progress and decides if move to the next level is available, creating a dynamic learning process.