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Our mission is to leverage artificial intelligence and the latest technological advancements to build a business advantage for our clients.

We will match the latest technology to your company's goals

We will examine your company's operations and propose solutions that deliver the quickest results and save money.

AI solutions for businesses

We establish an individual strategic action plan and implement innovative solutions based on artificial intelligence.


We recommend solutions, implement ideas, and develop technologies, also for investment purposes.

Technology consulting and development work

We conduct workshops and consultations, and also create and implement solutions that streamline business operations.

Web, mobile and voice applications

We create dedicated applications tailored to the client's business processes that respond to real needs.

Voice applications for Amazon's Alexa platform

We implement applications that allow customers to interact with the company or brand using their voice, e.g. "Order my favorite toothpaste"

Recover dozens of hours and automate tedious tasks

We automate repetitive tasks in companies and eliminate gaps in processes. The result is increased business efficiency, freed-up time, and increased team productivity.

See what our process looks like

Using the most modern technologies, such as GPT and machine learning models, we help create innovative solutions that redefine the future.

Finding Opportunities
We look for areas where artificial intelligence will bring the most benefits.
POC (proof of concept)
We verify whether a given concept has practical potential and is technically and operationally feasible
MVP (minimum viable product)
We create a solution that the first customers can use so that they can provide feedback on future product development
Evaluation and Improvement
We improve, optimize and develop solutions in accordance with the needs and expectations of users.

We have worked with dozens of companies.

Check out our clients' reviews.

“I liked how easy it was to work with Utter One. They quickly and smoothly implemented their innovative methods and thus improved our operations.”
Katarzyna Wojciechowska
Project Manager at GenoMed Solutions
“One can say a lot about, but I've never had such great communication with any other company. Thanks to this, the collaboration went super smoothly and the delivered product was exactly as it was supposed to be.”
Wojciech Pisarski
CEO HeyEdu
“We use not only to make our content more accessible, but also to expand our reach, through enabling new channels for our audience.”
Igor Niewiadomski
Head of Investor Relations Office at City of Lublin

We execute projects for medium and large companies. See the effects of our work.


RescueBot is a unique application that can revolutionize the system of saving human lives. Thanks to simple language and precise instructions, everyone can take advantage of the available advice and help the injured person.


AskBook is an innovative web app that is revolutionizing the way we discover and engage with content from podcasts, web texts and a variety of documents.


HeyEdu is a platform for practical education where you define your goals and learn by talking to a Trainer. Until now, all communication between the trainer and the student was via e-mail, but our AI assistant has taken this experience to the next level.

Meet the founders of, who oversee the execution of projects.

Michał Stanisławek
Chief Executive Officer
An opinion leader in the world of conversational technologies, an innovator and expert in modern technologies. He is the founder of VoiceLaunch, an innovative application that allows you to write emails in the fastest way - by recording audio. Michał creates dedicated solutions for clients and tests them with users.
Patryk Bajer
Chief Technology Officer
Responsible for technology and a safety valve during the development of AI-based solution concepts. Ensures that projects are delivered on time and according to expected functionalities. Has many years of experience working with multiple technologies.
Rafał Garbacz
Chief Operating Officer
Manages operational matters, sparks discussions to generate new ideas. Responsible for contact and building relationships in PL. Has many years of experience in conducting R&D work and implementing innovations in enterprises.

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