RescueBot is a unique application that can revolutionize the system of saving human lives. Thanks to simple language and precise instructions, everyone can take advantage of the available advice and help the injured person.

August 30, 2023 user

Our voice asks accurate and attentive questions to the person who uses the app and listens to their answers. Based on them, he gives further advice on how to help a person in need. Thanks to this, the bot is useful in difficult situations such as accidents, it gives you advice on how to help yourself and other injured people who need help – before the ambulance arrives. It’s a training assistant for BLS (Basic Life Support) procedures and other injuries, available as an app for iOS and Android devices.

Thanks to the simple instructions available in Polish and English, everyone, even a child, will quickly learn what to ask a sick person and how to help them depending on the types of injuries. The bot will instruct you on how to perform first aid step by step, depending on the situation, what happened to the victim and what equipment you may have available (e.g. a CPR mask).

Key features:

  • Sequential Step-by-Step Guidance: RescueBot is a reliable guide through the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (BLS) procedure. Regardless of your experience, the app will always guide you step-by-step through all stages of BLS, ensuring you are always on the safe side.
  • Professional and calm communication: In-depth communication is crucial in times of crisis. RescueBot provides calm, professional and easily understandable instructions. Regardless of your stress level, the app maintains a calm tone, allowing you to act effectively in critical situations.
  • Support and guidance in BLS training: RescueBot is not just a tool to be used in real-life situations. The app provides valuable guidance and help to improve your BLS skills. It’s the perfect companion during training.
  • Procedure focus: The trainer focuses solely on the CPR procedure and general health care. He doesn’t get drawn into conversations about other topics, ensuring that your attention is exclusively focused on the rescue operation in progress.
  • Clear and simple instructions: The app offers clear and understandable instructions that anyone can easily understand. Regardless of the level of medical knowledge, RescueBot makes it possible for everyone to effectively take life-saving actions.